Digital Film Libraries for Institutions

The Movie Discovery platform offers public libraries, colleges, universities and research institutes a private, internal video platform of movies for study and research purposes.

What Makes Us So Special?

A combination of rich, high quality content, minimum risk, affordable and generous subscription and a sophisticated discovery tool, all wrapped up with a streamlined user experience.
So read on, we have a solution for you.
No, it should not and would not cost more. Actually, our costs are very competitive:

How Does It Work?

All registered or authenticated users (lecturers, researchers, students, patrons, clients etc.) are allowed to access to all or part of the site for unlimited viewing of films within the subscription from any place with an internet connection, with any device.


For years, videos and film were considred as an entertainment or a 'comic relief' in education and research. There have always been excellent films to learn from, but faculty and teachers related to them as inferior to books. Things are changing. Millenials and Generation Z considers see video as simply another language. This not just a stereotype. It's based on continuous research and surveys.

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Key Benefits


Simple and straigforward: no limit on the number of viewers within an institution, no limit on the number of concurrent users. All movies are open to all subscribers.

Easy Site Access

From IP authemtication to Shareable Links, we offer various access options, each adapted to the appropriate scenario and user type.
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We take care of the video streaming and make sure that a high quality image is available to an infinite number of concurrent users. When dealing with video, which demands a very high bandwidth, it is not a trivial task. 
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Many institutions maintain vast video databases in a variety of formats. Quality file conversion requires extensive knowledge and expertise. We do not just convert the videos from one format to another (in itself, not a simple task), but in the process, we correct the color, adjust the saturation and contrast, and optimize the soundtrack quality.
We bring you the benefit of our 20-year proven track record in media editing and preparation for TV broadcasting worldwide, for international film festivals and for internationally distributed programs, such as National Geographic and the US History Channel.
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What Films are Available?

Films are available from the Movie Discovery library, a rich facility storing hundreds of films created by film industry professionals, including a number of international award winners.
In addition, the platform can be configured for viewing films already in the institute’s media library, such as videos of lectures, workshops, simulations and more. These materials can also be recorded live for upload via the portal.
The possibilities are endless. This is practically the organization’s private video portal.
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Sample Site

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For further explanation or to see the website in action, you’re invited to schedule a demo:


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