Streaming Video

 streaming 1

Streaming requires specific knowledge and expertise. Even if the organisation’s website is hosted on a powerful server, its more than likely not optimal for managing video. Don’t trust our word. Ask your IT experts.

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Easy Authentication

website remorte access filmdiy

We use IP authentication, normal login or anonymous links; the latter can be shared with anyone. The combination of all three methods improves user experience significantly, especially in large or decentralized institutions.

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Rich Catalogue

movie catalog

Since the founders of the Movie Discovery platform are active in the film industry, we hold the rights to many quality documentaries. These films serve as a wonderful educational tool and a trigger for lively discussions after the screenings.

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Smart Discovery Tool

recommend engine movie discoveryAwfully Smart Engine (ASE)

We developed our engine in response to a complex challenge in the world of content:
How best to match a film to the subject of a lecture or lesson?

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davinci resolve

To convert a chaotic library of old analog media into uniform format digital files is no small task for any organization.
While a private consumer can opt to abandon the task or else, for example, simply hand over his or her photo archive to a store for processing, the situation within organizations is more complicated:

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Our Experience


 Since 2007, we have been involved in the construction and operation of websites for movie viewing. We bring to this project our skills in film conversion and streaming, and the expertise in defining various access permissions to authorized users.

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