Easy Authentication

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We use IP authentication, normal login or anonymous links; the latter can be shared with anyone. The combination of all three methods improves user experience significantly, especially in large or decentralized institutions.

IP Authentication: Easily add and manage all your IP addresses in your account's settings (see picture below).

Conventional Login: We use the process for users who are eligible to purchase movies. The login process adds a layer of security, critical in protecting institutions from fraudulent uses. We created an easy yet secure login process, in which users don't have to memorize passwords, but simply use a one time code (token) to login.

Anonymous links: Or Shareable Links can be created ad-hoc by faculty or teachers who want to share with their students the movies they purchased, without the need for the latter to login in any way. Users simply click on the generated link and can watch the movie. This is extremely useful for high schools or institutions without proxy servers.
Because of the sensitivity involved with the creation of such links, we limit them to a maximum of 3-4 days, after which they expire.

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