Our Experience


 Since 2007, we have been involved in the construction and operation of websites for movie viewing. We bring to this project our skills in film conversion and streaming, and the expertise in defining various access permissions to authorized users.

It all began with a site for viewing candidate films for the annual competition of the Israeli Documentary Filmmakers Forum. This is a closed site, where its member companies and forum members can watch movies and then vote for their favorite film.
We were responsible for setting this site up anew every year, since 2007.

Later, we established a similar site for the Israeli Film Academy awards, for the contest they hold, the winners of which compete for the Oscar® prize in the USA.

The Multiyeda video site offers training videos for the business sector. This is one of our busiest of our websites with membership including hundreds of commercial companies, government offices, academic and research institutions and schools. Multiyeda customers are authorized to movie previews in order to make the right choice, and upon payment of the membership fee they receive viewing access to the complete movie. The viewing page opens for a limited time and then closes automatically. There is also an option to set a limit on the number of times each customer can access the same page. No more awkward loans and returns of DVDs with messengers racing around. This approach also brings peace of mind to the owners of the movie rights, since viewing is limited to authorized members.

The Jewish VOD is another of our projects. A joint venture of Gesher, Avichai and Shalom Hartman Institute for Research, Philosophy and Education. The site serves more schools around the Israel, with content which aims to deepen Jewish and Israeli identity. The program management selected some 45 films, built a set of lessons around them, and enabled its approved teachers to use them as the basis for their classes and tutorial meetings.

Hemdat Hadarom College of Education in Israel, used our services to set up a video site containing films selected for their relevance to its courses of undergraduate and graduate study. The films can be integrated into their computerized learning systems, such as Moodle, and we have also embedded in the site a set of videos that the College had independently stored in its own library. For those films, we performed the necessary digitization to preserve the film quality, optimizing the sound and enhancing the image color.

We operate our own VOD websites - filmDIY.co.il in Hebrew and Movie Discovery, with hundreds of films available to the public.